Troop 112 Backpacking Personal Gear


  • Pack with well-padded hip belt:

    • External frame, with a capacity of approximately 3,000 cubic inches, or 

    • Internal frame, with a capacity of approximately 4,800 cubic inches

  • Pack cover (waterproof nylon) or approximately 3 large, heavy-duty garbage bags that will fit over the fully packed backpack

  • Six to twelve 1-gallon or 2-gallon locking plastic bags to pack clothes





  • Sleeping bag in stuff stack lined with plastic bag

  • Sleeping clothes to wear in sleeping bag (T-shirt/shorts or polypro long underwear)

  • Straps to hold sleeping bag securely on pack (for an external frame pack)

  • Foam sleeping pad (closed-cell or Therm-a-Rest equivalent for insulation from the ground)





  • Layer A (Hiking Clothes)

    • Hiking boots (well broken in)

    • Lightweight sneakers or tennis shoes (for evenings in camp)

    • Three pair of heavy socks (such as SmartWool, Thorlo, wool)

    • Three pair of lighter inner socks (polypro)

    • Two pair of underwear (Not Cotton!, must not chafe, consider sports breifs)

    • Two pair of hiking shorts 

    • Two short-sleeve shirts (not cotton, troop t-shirts are ideal)

    • One hat or cap (flexible, with brim)

  • Layer B (Cool)

    • One long-sleeve shirt or pull-over (medium weight, Not Cotton!)

    • One pair of long pants (ideally one of your hiking

  • Layer C (Cold/Wet/Windy)

    • One sweater, pullover, or jacket (fleece wool)

    • One stocking cap (wool or polypro)

    • One sturdy rain jacket (not a vinl rain suit)





  • Lightweight plastic cup

  • Spoon or spork

  • Water carriers, total volume 3 liters or quarts 

    • A Camelbak/Platypus bag in backpack is OK, but also bring 1 bottle

    • Heavy-duty plastic water/Gatorade/PowerAde bottles are a low-cost choice 

  • Bowl/plate, cook kit, etc. are not needed. The Troop has bowls as part of the crew gear.





  • Lip balm (with sun protection at least SPF 15) [Bear Bag it!]

  • Toothbrush and very small travel toothpaste [Bear Bag it!]

  • Small Sunscreen [Bear Bag it!]

  • Insect Repellent [Bear Bag it!]

  • Ditty bag (for personal items in bear bag)

  • Scouts may use the crew gear "CampSuds" for washing while on the trail.





  • Flashlight (small with extra batteries and bulb)

  • Two bandanas or handkercheifs

  • Small absorbable towel for drying off

  • Sunglasses (inexpensive)

  • Spending money (if applicable)



Car Travel Bag (duffle bag)


  • Fresh change of clothes for the drive home

  • Towel, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and other personal cleaning items for shower before return home

  • Electronic equipment is discouraged. It will be locked in the car in a public parking lot during the trip.





  • Small pocketknife (only a few of these are needed in the crew)

  • Camera

  • Whistle

  • Watch (inexpensive)

  • Notepad and Pen



Some things NOT to bring on the trail


  • No extra food or snacks. The crew will have plenty of food and each person gets a snack bag.

  • Large knives or multi-tools.

  • Large flashlights.

  • Stoves, fuel, matches or lighters (unless yours is being borrowed for Crew Gear).

  • Cell phones, Smart phones, Smart Watches, tablets, laptops, music players, electronic gaming systems

  • Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, washcloth (these can be in you car travel bag)

  • Shovel, axe, saw